Wifi Connectivity and Optimisation

Make the most of your internet

In the modern world, WiFi is in high demand, especially around your own home. However, most homes are not set up for optimum WiFi speeds. Socketman is here to help. 

Online access for all your devices

Smart TV's, Computers, Tablets, Phones, Gaming machines. These days most homes rely heavily on Wifi. Our experts can set up, connect and optimise all of your devices on your Wifi network and have you running smoothly - cord free.

Quality connection in every room

WiFi blackspots are areas in the home where the modem is too far away for quality streaming, gaming or even browsing. Our experts optimise your home for total WiFi coverage so you can enjoy an excellent connection in whichever room you are in. 
Friendly advice for any callers with questions

Convenient high speeds for all your internet needs

Imagine it! No more annoying buffering or suddenly dropping out of the internet. You can play, study or work online at high speeds in any room of your home. It is all just a phone call away. Contact us today to take advantage of our services.
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