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Socketman has Local Techs to repair all of your NBN problems

Know your home and your services

Many homes are NOT set up correctly for NBN connection. If your home has been fitted with ‘star wiring’, your internet speeds could be severely restricted. Modems running on an NBN service require a direct connection to the network for optimal internet speeds. 

Prepare your wiring for top-quality internet connection

‘Star wiring’ is when the line from the outside network enters the home and splits at one point to numerous different locations. If you are planning on switching to an NBN connection, our technicians make sure the wiring in your home is set up correctly to ensure the best performance for your devices. 

Optimising your NBN network

The introduction of the NBN network has created a great change in the industry. Socketman has always been at the forefront of new innovations and procedures. We can help prepare your home for proper NBN network connection to ensure you get the most out of your internet. 

Stranded with no service?

With the roll-out of the NBN, there has been many people left stranded with no service. This can be extremely frustrating and can leave new subscribers without phone or internet for weeks at a time. If you are having issues and can no longer put up with the so called "help centres" provided by your Service Provider, call Socketman, your LOCAL Telco tech.
Fully qualified in telecommunication installations and repairs

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